Dental Specialty Group-We are a group of Dental Specialists working together to provide the very best for your Dental Health.

About our Facility


We are a full service group of Dental Specialists located in one convenient location.

  • We have a professional & highly trained staff
  • We offer State of the Art Technology
  • We will always show respect & compassion for our patients


Our mission is to treat our patients as we would treat our families.

We will always strive to offer high quality services in a friendly and caring atmosphere so our patients can enjoy good oral health and a beautiful smile!



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    We are a group of Dental Specialists representing Children's Dentistry (Pedodontics), Braces (Orthodontics), Oral Surgery & Gum Surgery (Periodontics).

    Dental Specialty Group 

         4326 Park Blvd.
    Ste C-East

    Pinellas Park, Fl. 33781  

    Phone: 727-544-5345

    Fax: 727-547-8263