Dental Specialty Group of Pinellas offers complete Children's Dentistry in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere..

Drs. Marai Vales - Pedodontists


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February is National Children's Dental Health Month. If you would like to schedule an Oral Presentation in your Pre-School or Elementary School please call Dr. Vales at 727-544-5345.

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Children's Dentistry

Welcome to Dr. Vales's office located at Dental Specialty Group, 4326 Park Blvd, Suite C-East, Pinellas Park, Florida. Her main goal is to promote healthy practices that will enable your child to enjoy oral health services and a beautiful smile for a lifetime! Her top priority is to provide your children with the highest quality dental care in a fun and friendly environment. We do provide sedation for those patients who may require it so they may receive the most effective care possible.

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Call Dental Specialty Group at 727-544-5345 to schedule your child's initial exam with Dr. Vales