Oral Surgery by Dr. Martin Milne at Dental Specialty Group of Pinellas cover all oral surgery procedures including extractions, oral pathology, TMJ (joint problems) and dental implants.


Oral Surgery:   Dr. Martin Milne

Some of the procedures of Oral Surgery include Extractions (including wisdom teeth), Oral Pathology, TMJ (joint problems) and Dental Implants.

Our goal is to save and restore teeth through routine procedures such as preventative care, periodontal treatments (gum treatments) and endodontic treatments (root canals). However, sometimes extractions become necessary.

Extractions are routinely performed by general dentists however more complex cases may be referred to an Oral Surgeon, who specializes in extractions and surgery of the mouth.

The reasons for extractions range from:

  • Advanced decay of the tooth
  • Cracked teeth or roots
  • Infections due to Severe Gum disease
  • Impacted Third Molars (wisdom teeth)
  • Extraction in preparation for Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Anesthesia can be in the form of a local anesthetic which numbs the area being worked on effectively blocking all pain. Another form is conscious sedation where a depressed level of consciousness is achieved allowing the patient to maintain an open airway and respond to verbal commands. The patient does not lose consciousness but remains in a calm state.

Oral Surgeons also address Pathology or diseases of the mouth, the most serious of these is cancer. The patient may not always feel pain but any changes in color or texture, suspicious lumps or sores that do not heal should be checked by a professional.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) is pain in the joint of your jaw and can be caused by many factors, such as grinding of the teeth at night, dislocation of the disc between the socket and the jawbone - which can cause a popping sound and limit jaw movement causing pain, or conditions such as trauma or rheumatoid arthritis. Patients will be evaluated to pinpoint the cause or causes of the pain and to determine the course of treatment to minimize your discomfort.

Implants are another method of replacing missing teeth. Depending on your individual case this can be a simple or complicated process and your dentists will discuss with you whether or not you are a good candidate for implants.

Some common reasons for implants are:

  • To help to hold a lower denture in place which frequently moves around when chewing.
  • To create an anchor for a bridge especially in the back of the mouth when all back teeth are missing.
  • Replacement of a missing front tooth which enhances your facial appearance.

A Dental Implant is a metal post inserted into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. A crown or bridge is then fabricated to fit over this protruding implant much as you would with your own tooth.

Dental Implants require a team effort between both your Oral Surgeon, who will perform the implant surgery and your General Dentist, who will fabricate the crown, bridge or denture that will fit over your implant. 

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