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Facts about Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures may be your best option however they may never function as well as your own teeth.

And of course they are not meant to last forever. As you age your mouth changes and the fit will become loose. Relines can tighten the fit and occassionally you may need to be fitted with a new pair of dentures.

Even if your dentures fit well you should have an annual oral exam to check the health of your mouth and gums.

Dentures can be traditional upper and/or lower acrylic to replace your lostComplete Dentures original teeth or they can be "immediate dentures" in which your teeth are extracted and a denture is immediately placed over the extraction site. It acts as a bandage in that the pressure applied by the dentures stops the bleeding but as you begin to heal your tissue and bone will shrink away from the denture. After a period of time, once the changes have taken place it is advised to have your dentures "Relined" which will improve the fit. Many people have a new denture made after a year or two as relining does add more bulk to the denture as acrylic is added to line it.

Partial Dentures may be an acrylic temporary appliance or chrome metal partial to replace missingPartial Denture teeth and hold the space open, preventing the adjacent teeth to shift into the open space.

A Metal Partial has clasps that hook to the adjacentteeth to hold it in place. These appliances are removable and fill in the spaces created by missing teeth and prevent the other teeth from moving which causes problems with your bite and can lead to more tooth loss.

Relines are done by our lab technician. The dentist takes an impression of your mouth and then the inside of the denture is ground out and new acrylic is applied to the inside to tighten the fit. Over time dentures need to be evaluated and relined to improve the fit as your mouth changes, bone loss is often the reason for this procedure.

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Well Fitting Dentures:

  • Will restore your appearance
  • Enable you to eat properly
  • Enable your to speak clearly
  • Improve Self Esteem

Your risk for Oral Cancer increases with age, smoking, alcohol or drug use and systemic diseases.

Regular Dental visits are important for a lifetime of good oral health.